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When logged in you will see all different residency or fellowship programs you are participating as Interviewer. Select one to Log into the program.

If the program has more than one session and you are assigned to both;

  • Choose the drop-down menu to select a session to log into

Read the detailed interview information the Program Coordinator provided hear carefully .

Go to Applicants tab,

Option 1) Upload your list

Click on “Upload List” button . You can either:

  • click on “Browse”, go to the folder on your computer that you saved applicants.csv file in, select the file and click “Open”

< or >

  • open the folder on your computer first, then drag and drop interviewers.csv file into the box in the web browser and click “Upload”

Option 2) Single entry

Click on Add New button and enter information individually for each applicant in the data entry form


Go to Sessions tab, click on +Session to create a new session, enter session’s parameter:

  • Minimum Score
  • Maximum Score
  • Interview Duration (minutes)
  • Review Duration (minutes)
  • Name of the session
  • Number of rounds
  • Date
  • Start time

> Number of rounds is number of the interview room(s) each applicant will go for interview. There might be one or more interviewer in each room.

Then click on Add Sessions   to created the new sessions.

When you create a new session, the header color is red and it displays warning signs showing there are not enough rooms or applicants:

Follow the instructions on next steps to complete setting up your new session.

For initially setting the rooms you need to go to Sessions tab, select the session (if not already selected),

you will see warning sign that there is not enough number of rooms in the session,

you need number of the interview rooms equal to or more than number of the rounds.

Click on Session Rooms button on bottom of the session’s box, and then +Add New Room.

  • Select a name for the room
  • enter Video Call Link (you can leave this for later)
  • click on Interviewer(s) box and select the interviewer(s) from drop-down menu to assign to the room (you can leave this for later)
  • Click on Add Room to complete

> Repeat the same steps for creating additional rooms.

> You can always update/edit a room information by going to Rooms tab and selecting the room to edit.

> The Error message will disappear when there are enough number of the rooms for this session and the header color will turn dark blue.


Go to Sessions tab, you will see a warning sign showing there is not enough applicants assigned to this session.

  • Select the session (if not already selected), click on “Manage Applicants” button at the bottom of the session’s box.
  • Select the applicants to assign to this sessions (to select all check the box in header of the column)  then click on Save Changes to complete.

> The warning sign will disappear when you assign applicants to this session.

Go to Assignments tab,

  • you will see a preliminary schedule is automatically generated base on session’s parameters, applicants and rooms
  • click on “Accept and Lock-in changes” button   to finalize the assignments
  • click on Show the Schedule to go to the next step, completing the schedule


In Schedule tab you can further update or complete the schedule.

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the time period’s box to access the time period’s setting, a yellow box with a black gear will appear
  • click on the gear sign and see the setting options:


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